Gluten intolerance vs. gluten allergy

Gluten Intolerance vs. Gluten Allergy

How do you test for celiac disease versus gluten intolerance or gluten allergy?

The number of informed questions the Targeted Genomics family receives has been a particularly rewarding part of our own journey as we continue working to make our tests accessible to as many people as possible. If we have learned anything along the way it’s that our customers do their research! One of the more common questions we receive regards the distinction between testing for celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and gluten allergy. This is a great question! The answer can be confusing as each has roots in the human immune system but these are distinct, sometimes overlapping, conditions with differing symptoms, triggers, and treatments.

In short, GlutenID® is a celiac genetic health risk test for individuals with gluten intolerance or sensitivity. Both terms are correct and have a variety of root causes. For example, if you or a member of your immediate family have been diagnosed with celiac disease but never had a genetic test, then GlutenID® can provide you with answers about the spectrum of risk for each family member, but it is not a test for wheat allergy. Only a board certified allergist can diagnose wheat allergy because it involves a different branch of the immune system with its own form of testing. 

However, anyone with gluten intolerance symptoms can create their own test by trying a gluten free diet to see if symptoms resolve. Gluten has little or no inherent nutritional value and it’s among the most indigestible proteins in the human diet so there is no need to take gluten supplements when adhering to a gluten free diet. The one caveat is that the most common celiac disease tests are only accurate for individuals who are consuming abundant gluten in their diet as the immune system has to be inflamed for these tests to be accurate. If eliminating gluten cures your symptoms, that is great news but it may be harder to confirm the root cause of the problem using traditional testing methods once you are gluten free. Fortunately, the GlutenID® celiac genetic risk assessment is a one-time test based on your unchanging DNA with accurate results regardless of whether or not you are consuming dietary gluten.

Linked below is an article sourced from the AAAA&I (the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology) concisely elaborating the similarities and differences and how they manifest in the human body. W

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