The At-home DNA Test Designed to Identify if YOU have Genetic Risk for Celiac Disease. Or, if YOU Don’t.


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A. Order your GlutenID® kit online or in your doctor’s office or clinic.

B. Follow the Test Kit instructions to collect your cheek DNA samples and mail to the lab.

C. Learn your GlutenID® results and any associated risks in the emailed report.

It’s All in Your Genes.
Including the Risk for Developing Celiac Disease.

If you have been on a long journey to find reasons that explain your symptoms, GlutenID® can help. GlutenID® is the only at-home DNA test that identifies ALL 14 of the genetic variant combinations associated with a level of celiac risk as well as your chance of passing these genes to your children. The test can also rule out celiac disease with greater than 99% accuracy. Learning about your genetic risk may be informative for both you AND your family.

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