Celiac Genetic Health Risk

What is a Celiac Genetic Health Risk (GHR) report?

What your GlutenID® can tell you about celiac genetic risk.

The celiac GHR report identifies and explains your risk for developing celiac disease. Your level of risk is based on the presence of certain gene variations found in your DNA. The presence of celiac risk gene variations does not mean you have celiac disease, it means you may have some level of risk for developing celiac disease.

A GHR report will also tell you:

  • How family genetics and environmental factors can influence your risk.
  • About your chances of passing these genes to your children.
  • If you might benefit from additional testing.
  • If you might benefit from diet or lifestyle changes that can lower your risk for celiac disease.

GHR reports do not replace visits to your healthcare provider. We encourage you to speak to your doctor or a genetic counselor if you have questions about whether celiac genetic health risk testing is right for you. Below are some additional resources where you can learn more.



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Genetic Counselor

Find a genetic counselor for personalized help on genetic health.

Registered Dietitian

Find a registered dietitian for food and nutrition information.

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