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We are a family-owned company with a unique mission. We develop DNA tests for genetic disorders that run in families. Like celiac disease.
Your feedback from this survey will be very helpful to us. Why? Simply put, it will help us design reports that will are easy to understand about genetic health risks. 

This survey is about our DNA test called GlutenID. It detects risk genes, if you have any, for developing celiac disease. The test also tells you about your chances of passing your genes to your children. Pretty awesome, really.

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Each quiz has 10 true/false questions.
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This is an open-book quiz. In the Post Lesson Quiz you will find a hint button on the bottom left to help refresh your memory on the topic
Ultimately, we want to understand if YOU find the material easy to understand.

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FOR COMPLETING OUR SURVEY:  $25 Amazon gift card. AND, a 20% discount code to purchase a GlutenID test kit from our website.


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