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Gluten ID Test Kit

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Celiac Genetics Made Easy

Order your test kits

Order your kits from the comfort of your home or purchase in your doctor's office or clinic.

Painless collection method

Register your kit online and collect your cheek cell samples at your convenience. Mail to the lab with the pre-paid envelope that comes in your kit.

Samples are processed by the Laboratory

Samples are processed by scientists at PacificDX, a CAP/CLIA certified laboratory. DNA samples are discarded after testing to protect your privacy.

Receive your results

Receive results via email with actionable next steps in a report format designed to share with your doctor.


Do you Know your GlutenID®?

Everyone has one. Discover your family’s inherited genetic risk for celiac disease with this simple cheek swab DNA test. An estimated 70-80% of the world population will have negative GlutenID results and can rule out the presence or development of celiac disease. For those with positive results, GlutenID uses a spectrum of risk to help guide further celiac testing and dietary choices. If you are looking for a one-time celiac genetic risk screening test unaffected by dietry gluten, then GlutenID is for you. For physicians who want to offer celiac genetic health screening, we can offer wholesale pricing for your practice.


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