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Gluten ID is a DNA-based test for celiac genetic risk. Purchase here.

COVID-ID is an antibody-based test for immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Available July 2020.

Do you know your Gluten ID?

We all have one.  Let us help YOU discover yours.


Order your at-home Gluten ID test.

Order your test from the comfort of your home with no hassle of doctor’s offices or clinics. Order here or on Amazon Prime for 2-day shipping.

Collect your sample.

Register your kit and collect your samples at your convenience. Mail your samples to the lab with the pre-paid envelope that comes in your kit.

A better way to know your Gluten ID

We will…
  • Provide non-invasive, at-home tests to ensure privacy and comfort.
  • Present celiac genetic results as a spectrum of risk rather than a binary positive/negative result.
  • Process your samples at PacificDx, a CAP/CLIA certified laboratory.
  • Have a team of scientists and doctors reivew your orders and results.
  • Value your privacy and discard all DNA samples after testing has been completed.
You will…
  • Take an easy test in the comfort of your home with just a simple cheek swab.
  • Know your Gluten ID and what it means.
  • Receive results in a reporting format designed to share with your doctor and become part of your medical record.
  • Be given actionable next steps including follow up testing and dietary gluten recommendations.
At Home Celiac Test Kits | Gluten Test | Targeted Genomics
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At Home Celiac Test Kits | Gluten Test | Targeted Genomics

We’re here for your Gluten ID journey

Our team of experts are here to help you along the way!


Targeted Genomics began like so many companies. We needed something and we couldn’t find it. So we made it ourselves. We needed a genetic test. One that didn’t suffer from the limitations of traditional antibody testing and, unlike other genetic tests on the...

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Customer Service is excellent. Test was easy to use. Results are sent via email.


Amazon Customer

I am gluten intolerant and after taking the Gluten ID DNA test I found out my Gluten ID is DQ2. Now I understand how bodies health. I feel so much better now. Gluten had been causing some of my underlying health problems and I didn’t know it. By eating correctly, I was able to stop taking several medications (for tummy, migraine, and arthritis). I feel so much better now and highly recommend to anyone who thinks they may have a gluten sensitivity. 🙂  


Amazon Customer

This is the second test I’ve had for gluten intolerance. The first was an antibody test. The results were super simple to understand. Now i know i need to avoid gluten.

Timothy S.

Dallas, TX