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Targeted Genomics began like so many companies. We needed something and we couldn’t find it. So we made it ourselves. We needed a genetic test. One that didn’t suffer from the limitations of traditional antibody testing and, unlike other genetic tests on the market, provided results that had relevance to anyone looking to start a wellness journey. It was not enough to know that I was sensitive to gluten, I already knew as much, I needed a test that could show me just how high on a spectrum of risk for celiac disease I really was. Autoimmunity runs in the family and we needed to know how these celiac associated genes presented across generations.

At the time, I was very sick. Like so many autoimmune episodes it had a number of causes. But also like so many autoimmune episodes it responded to a wellness approach. I had had enough of being shuttled from specialist to specialist only getting part of the picture. When I saw my GlutenID® results (though we didn’t call it that at the time) I knew I had just been handed an insight I should not waste. I acted on the information. And it worked. While limiting gluten in my diet did not win the battle single-handedly, I can confidently say I would still be sick today had I not done so.

I have since talked to doctors amazed by how thoroughly I recovered. The GlutenID® test emerged from some of these conversations. Traditional evidence based medicine, functional medicine, and lifestyle techniques work well when used together rather than in competition. Too often we only treat symptoms and never take the time to discover the root causes of chronic disease. This test is designed to appeal to all of the above mentioned groups. We want you to be as comfortable sharing your results with your family practice MD as your personal trainer. And show your family too!

We want to say thank you to anyone who purchases a GlutenID® test. Thank you for supporting a family owned business and helping in some small part to shed light on the silent epidemic of gluten intolerance. But more importantly we wish everyone good luck on their wellness journey and hope you find the same success so many others have.

Gibson Gunn
Managing Director
Targeted Genomics LLC

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