Gluten ID Test



With Targeted-Genomics at home celiac disease test kit knowing your Gluten ID® can tell you a lot about your family’s potential for developing intolerance to wheat, barley, and rye containing foods. In the genetic testing kit you will find: 

  • Two Cheek swabs
  • Instructions
  • A prepaid/addressed envelope

Once you have collected your cheek cell sample, simply place the swabs back in the gluten ID test kit box and mail them to the laboratory. If you need help or have any questions please contact our client services here.

Everyone has a Gluten ID. Knowing your gluten ID can tell you where you and your first-degree relatives fall on a spectrum of risk for gluten intolerance. Gluten ID analyzes your unique celiac genetics, reporting your results as a spectrum of risk in an easy-to-understand report. Our at home test may remove the need for a small intestinal biopsy and antibody tests if the genetic results are negative. TTG antibody tests paired with Gluten ID results prevent false negatives compared to antibody tests alone. In the Genetic Testing Kit you will find: two cheek swabs, instructions and a prepaid / addressed envelope. The cheek swab is simple, painless and eliminates the need for needles and clutter and painful blood draw. Once you have collected your cheek cell sample, simply place the swabs back into the Gluten ID test box and use prepaid mail. Your results will be ready in 14 business days and delivered via the email address provided with your kit registration. We discard DNA samples immediately after the test is complete. We do not share your genetic information with third parties. There are 16 potential gluten IDs. What’s yours?

Product not available for customers in NY, NJ, MD, and RI.

Once you receive the genetic testing kit you will find two cheek swabs, instructions, and a pre-paid/addressed mailing envelope. Just register your kit online, and then collect your cheek cell samples. Once collected, you can place the swabs samples back inside the Gluten ID test kit box, put the box in the mailing envelope and send it off to the laboratory. Results should be ready in less than two weeks.