Are You The First Degree Relative Of An Individual With Celiac Disease?

If you or anyone in your family has been diagnosed with celiac disease, then there is close to 100% certainty that some family members carry at least one of the celiac-associated genes. Although inheriting celiac-associated genes does not guarantee development of celiac disease, the prevalence of gluten intolerance in persons with an affected first degree relative is estimated to be 15 times higher than the general population.

If you are concerned about your own genetic risk of also developing celiac disease, Gluten ID testing can help! This simple, pain free, one-time test can reveal your genetic susceptibility to celiac disease.

You may be surprised to find your Gluten ID is negative, and you are at < 1% risk for developing celiac-disease. If so, you can discontinue screening tests like yearly antibody testing and/or small bowel biopsies.

If Gluten ID results are positive, you will learn where you fall in the spectrum of risk so you can make appropriate lifestyle and dietary modifications. 

Visualize and understand how your Gluten ID results apply to your